Practice Areas

The Rigney Law Firm is a General Practice Law Firm. I can work with you on many different types of legal matters. The following list shows some examples of types of cases I handle. Give me a call and we can schedule a free initial consultation to talk about your particular legal situation.
Social Security Disability /
Personal Injury


Have you been injured or are just not able to work anymore? In many instances, people who are not able to work, for a variety of reasons, may be able to get certain benefits from Social Security.

Also, if you have been injured, let me help you recover damages related to your injury.

Feel free to give me a call, and we can set up a free initial consultation to discuss your injury or disability.


Divorce /
Family Law


Has your spouse already filed for divorce and served papers on you, and you wonder what you need to do now? Or are you considering starting the divorce process yourself? Even if you and your spouse agree that you both want a divorce, you would be wise to consult with an attorney.

I can also work with you if you are dealing with other matters in the Family Court. For example, I can help if your are involved in a dispute about child support.

Give me a call. In most circumstances, a payment plan can be worked out.

Criminal Law /
Traffic Violations


Whether you have been arrested for a serious offense, or been given a ticket for a traffic violation, you should consider hiring an attorney. Matters such as these can have a lasting effect on many aspects of your life. Give me a call and we can discuss how to best proceed in your particular case.

Always remember: before you give up your constitutional right to remain silent when the police want to question you, give me a call.

Business Law /
Contracts /

Starting a new business? Let me work with you to make sure your interests are protected.


I work with clients on many types of business matters, such as: reviewing and negotiating contracts, leases, and other business matters. 

I also work with clients who are involved in franchise businesses, as well as those who may be subject to export restrictions on products they sell (including software). 

Give me a call, and we can arrange a free consultation to discuss your business.


Immigration law is complex and can be difficult to navigate.


Whether you need help in preparing the paperwork to bring a relative to the United States, or have questions or concerns about some other immigration matter, give me a call so we can discuss your individual situation.

Take advantage of my free initial consultation offer and let me review your immigration needs with you.

Other Legal Matters

There are many areas of the law that people encounter in everyday life. If you are in need of an attorney for a matter not mentioned here, give me a call. As a General Practice Lawyer, I take care of many things which are not specifically listed on this website. If you and I discuss your legal situation and discover that you have a concern that I am not able to help with, I will work with you to find an attorney to provide the services you need.

Call me to arrange a free consultation.