Diligent and Caring Advocacy

Learn About The Rigney Law Firm

At the Rigney Law Firm, I am committed to representing my clients in all manner of criminal defense cases with a personal and caring demeanor. I will work with you to determine if your particular case requires the services of an attorney, and, if it does, whether it falls within an area of the law where I can offer his assistance. As a dedicated criminal defense attorney, I primarily assist in criminal law cases, but I do also help some clients with cases involving other practice areas.

Learn more about me by reading my bio here: David E. Rigney

I Am Committed To Helping My Clients

I began my legal career in 1987 when I graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. For the first 30 years of my career, I primarily worked in the corporate sector, first as a legal writer for nearly a decade before becoming a general corporate counsel for two decades. In 2015, I decided that I wanted to focus on helping people, not businesses, and so I opened the Rigney Law Firm in Myrtle Beach. Since then, I have narrowed my focus to helping my clients in South Carolina criminal defense cases.

In criminal defense, I believe that it is important to focus on the needs of the client and the details of the charges. That is why I get to know my client and spend a lot of time in jail talking to them. I talk to my clients regularly. This gives me the information I need in order to provide the best defense for my clients.

Contact My Office Today

If you have a legal matter that you would like to discuss with a lawyer, call 843-919-7474 or contact me online to arrange a consultation. During that consultation, I will talk with you about the general aspects of the legal challenge you are interested in having resolved.

Topics during this initial consultation may include: the urgency of your situation; the recommended manner in which to proceed; court and related fees that may be required; and legal fees, which will include whether the fee will be based on a flat rate, an hourly rate, or may be a contingency fee. Payment plans may be available.