Diligent and Caring Advocacy

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The People of South Carolina

At my office, I am committed to helping any client that needs my assistance. I am David E. Rigney, and as a full practice criminal defense attorney, I can help you with any case, from addressing a traffic ticket or defending a DUI charge, all the way up to a murder charges. No matter what your needs are, you can come to me to receive a dedicated advocate who will work diligently to defend your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly.

I Take A Different Approach To My Cases

Many criminal defense attorneys never take the time to speak with their clients in person, only meeting them for the first time when they arrive in court to defend them. I believe that the key to a vigorous and informed defense is to listen to my clients and spend time with them, which is why I make a point of getting to know my clients. I go to the detention centers and jails across Horry, Georgetown, Marion, and Florence counties to meet and speak with my clients, so that I can get their side of the story – the part that isn’t told by the police reports and other sources.

I believe that by working together with my clients, I can develop a personalized and unique legal defense strategy that takes advantage of and maximizes the information that I get from my clients. This process ensures that I go into court equipped with the knowledge I need to provide a vigorous defense.

Speak To Me Today To Get The Help That You Need

If you are in need of legal representation, then you can call my office at 843-919-7474 or complete my online form to schedule an appointment with me. Call today so I can begin working with you because with criminal law, every hour can make a difference in making sure that your rights are respected by the criminal justice system.