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A DUI Is A Serious Charge, So You Need A Serious Defense

Getting a DUI charge is not the same as getting a traffic ticket or other violation; it is a serious charge that involves mandatory penalties and can carry severe consequences for you beyond those imposed by the criminal justice system. That is why you need a DUI attorney who can help you establish a defense and attempt to help minimize the potential consequences for you.

When most people hire a drunk driving attorney, the first time they actually meet their attorney is at their court hearing. I believe that it is important to get to know my clients and learn their side of the story, which is why I will go to the jails and detention centers where my clients are to meet with them. If you are facing DUI charges, let me, attorney David E. Rigney, help you establish a strong defense.

South Carolina Has Serious Penalties For DUI

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol, and in South Carolina, the state prohibition starts at .05 blood alcohol content (BAC), an amount that can reached after as few as two drinks. If you have a BAC of 0.08 while driving, then you are presumed to be intoxicated, and you will be arrested. For a first offense, you will face a fine of up to $400, along with a period of imprisonment lasting from two to 30 days, along with a suspension of your license for up to six months. The punishments grow exponentially for repeated offenses, with a fourth offense resulting in one to five years in prison.

These consequences are simply too serious to ignore, and you need to speak to a lawyer who has experience in DUI defense. At Rigney Law Firm, I know how to work with the criminal justice system to negotiate a deal for you that minimize the charges if you want to plead to reduce your potential punishments, or I can help you fight the charge in court if the evidence supports your innocence. I will do my utmost to help you and be with you every step of the process.

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